Protect Your Log Splitter Machine with the JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover

Log splitter machines may be built to handle heavy-duty work and are built tough but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take good care of it. To keep it running in top condition, these things need to be protected from inclement weather so its steel, mechanical, and electric parts won’t get damaged.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to store larger-sized log splitters indoors. If this is the case with you, it’s best to consider the JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover. With this accessory, you can rest assured that your wood splitter is protected from the harsh outdoor elements.

What is the JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover?

The JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover a product that serves as a cover for wood splitters. It’s practically like a car cover but meant for wood splitter machines so they’ll have a barrier of protection against the weather.

Made with durable waterproof fabric, the goal of this top-rated log splitter cover from Amazon is to keep your log splitter dry and cozy under it even if you can’t move the unit in a roofed area. Since these machines tend to have exposed parts that can get damaged when left exposed to the weather, a heavy-duty cover will be the next best thing to a storage room or a shed.

While this product is not designed for specific log splitter models, it still offers a nice fit to a lot of machine models. So if your machine measures 82″L x 45″W x 34″H horizontally, this could offer a snug fit.

How? It’s designed with adjustable tension panels with click-close straps so its fit can be easily customizable. Certain areas can be tightened while others can be loosened up. It also has an elastic cord hem so it will hug the lower parts of log splitter machines for a more secure fit.

It should be noted, however, that this is not exactly an extra-large log splitter cover. It might not fit very large models and will not cover the entirety of the machines, especially the bottom part of the wheels. These don’t usually need covering anyway, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

As for its level of protection, you can count on the waterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover to do a great job as aside from its durable waterproof material, it also has critically taped seams so water can’t seep into small openings where materials are joined and sewn together.

The JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover has some air vents, though, so it also won’t trap moisture and condensation inside. This guarantees that it can keep your log splitter in good shape.


  • Can serve as a gas or electric log splitter cover
  • Designed to function as a custom log splitter cover even if it’s not made for a specific log splitter machine
  • Could be a better choice than the log splitter covers at Home Depot
  • Comes with a four-year warranty
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Well thought out design and construction
  • Offered by an established company


  • It’s quite easy to make a mistake with the sizing


Will this work as a 25-ton log splitter cover?

It depends on the measurements of your unit. Some buyers said it fit their 35-ton machines but it still depends on the measurements of your particular splitter.

Will this fit a riding mower trailer?

The JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover is designed for wood splitters so it might not offer the best fit for such machines. There are other cover designs from the same manufacturer so you can check those out instead.

The Final Word/Conclusion

With its great design and solid construction, the JWaterproof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover is considered as the best log splitter cover by some. See for yourself if it works for you as well by giving it a shot.

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