Quick and Easy Log Splitting with the Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill Review

Wood splitters can be very attractive machines to have if you use firewood a lot. For starters, they will make the process of cutting logs way easier and faster. They can also allow you to put the axe away, creating a safer home environment. However, wood splitters tend to be big investments and not everyone is willing to splurge for one.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any other options, though. The Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill is a solid choice if you want something handy and relatively affordable.

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What is the Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill?

What exactly is the Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill and why should you check it out? This item is not exactly a wood-splitting machine but an attachment. It’s a log splitter cone screw that is meant to be attached to a hammer drill or other rotational device that will allow it to puncture and drill into an object.

At first glance, this item looks like an actual screw since it has a conical shape with threads towards its pointy end. Its blunt end with a hole will suggest otherwise, however.

Measuring 10 inches overall, this item isn’t a big piece of attachment. It’s not very bulky so it doesn’t require a lot of space to store or use. In fact, it can fit power drills with 1.25” shafts, so you can add more functionality to the said hand tool.

This also makes it very portable and easy to work with as you might not need to get used to how it needs to be handled if you’re already familiar with your power drill or even tractor PTO.

Guaranteeing that it’s capable of drilling through wood is its solid build. Made with high-grade steel that was created without splicing, it promises high hardness that will allow it to drill into objects without breaking or shattering.

How It Works

The Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill works in one of the most straightforward manners. In fact, if you’re familiar with how power drills work, you will already have an idea on how this attachment works.

To start it off, you need to attach it to a hammer drill or a reliable power drill. A hammer drill might be more preferable, however, since it’s meant to drill into hard materials. It will most likely have the power required to puncture and drill into a piece of log.

Once attached to the drill, you just need to turn the device on and push a piece of log against its pointy tip and it should already do the work. It’s meant to handle small and medium pieces of wood, allowing for smaller pieces.

Many Benefits of Screw Type Log Splitters

As mentioned above, the Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill can be an attractive choice for being handy. However, aside from this, this particular style of log splitter attachment can also be worth considering for many other reasons.

At the top of this list is the fact that it offers great control. You’ll need to manually push the wood against these attachments so you get to decide the size of the cuts you want to make. This is true for both small log splitter screw cones for drills and large PTO cone log splitters.

These types of cone splitters will also give your tools more versatility. Log splitter machines are dedicated machines and don’t double-duty. Cone screw log splitter attachments, on the other hand, will let your motorized rotary devices to be used for other purposes, depending on the attachment that’s currently in use.


  • Will lend you a hand in splitting logs without the need for purchasing an actual log splitting machine
  • Very easy to use
  • Will provide great control in the size of the firewood being cut to smaller pieces
  • Compact size makes it more portable


  • Quite pricey
  • Some might find the sizing confusing


Will this fit a tractor PTO?

If the shaft measures 1.25”, it can be used with a tractor PTO.

Will this work with the left-hand thread?

This product is made with the left-hand thread. For right-hand thread, special orders are accepted by the manufacturer.

The Final Word/Conclusion

For those who are not ready to splurge on a log splitter machine just yet, the Log Wood Splitter Cone Screw Splitting Hammer Drill could be a good introductory piece for such heavy tools. It can already cut small and medium pieces of wood so it might already suffice for the specific needs of certain users.

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