Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge review

Back in the day, splitting wood is the ultimate test of strength and endurance. The more you cut, the more impressive your abilities are. However, with the help of technology, there’s no need to use up your energy on this task anymore. Aside from the most reliable log splitters available, accessories like the Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge can make cutting and splitting firewood simpler.

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What is the Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge?

As its name suggests, the Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge is a 4-way log splitter wedge attachment for the Boss log splitter. It’s basically a metal wedge with additional side wings so it can help split pieces of logs into four instead of just two.

The idea behind this product is that it’s meant to push through the log and force it to split in four ways. By doing so, you’ll get smaller pieces with a single pass, increasing the efficiency of the cutting process.

To achieve this goal, the wedge is outfitted with two wings with an angled side, very much similar to what knives have. This will slice through the wood and open it up for effective splitting.

Made with very heavy steel, it promises durability and safe use. It’s meant to stay in place even if it’s not designed to be secured in place.

How It Works

With its easy ‘drop-on and lift-off’ design, it’s not fussy to attach and take out of your log splitter. As the technique suggests, you only really need to drop it into the holder and you can start splitting logs right away.

It can then be as easily swapped out with other attachments. This makes it very easy to use as other models require the use of serious power tools to attach their attachments. It’s very convenient and will guarantee to save you time in the process.

A similar item to the Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge is the Boss Industrial CW-G 4-way Cross Wedge. The latter is designed for more heavy duty log splitters so some might confuse the two. Designed to be used for the brand’s 22, 28, and 34-ton log splitters, it’s a lot bulkier and heftier than the featured item.

An important thing to know about this item is that it doesn’t have anything to secure it to the log splitter. It’s not ideal to use it on very big pieces of logs or wood pieces that have big knots and curves as it might be lifted off and removed from its perch. But this should be a given since it is meant for smaller log splitters. Cutting large pieces of wood on such machines can take a toll on them and shouldn’t be done all the time anyway.

It’s also best to not force it on other log splitters that it’s not meant for to ensure the machine operator’s safety. Since it’s not designed to be attached to the machine, it can pose some dangers in such cases.


  • Very easy to install
  • Solidly built promising satisfying performance
  • Will help save time in cutting logs
  • Relatively versatile as can be rotated to cut varying sizes
  • Compatible with several Boss log splitters
  • Made of high-quality, heavy, durable steel


  • Not meant for very logs that are big and with knots
  • Can slow down the cutting process when used for very big pieces of wood
  • Some find the need to add a way to secure it to the log splitter


Will it fit a 7-ton splitter?

Yes, it can fit some of Boss Industrial 7 and 8-ton log splitters so if you own the ED7T15 and ES7T20, this could be a compatible attachment to such models. It might also work with other brands but it’s best to check the measurements first to avoid the hassle of returning.

Will this fit a 22-ton splitter?

This attachment is not recommended for bigger log splitters. It’s only recommended for 5, 7, and 8-ton variants of Boss Industrial log splitters so it might not be safe to use for other sizes.

What are the Boss Industrial log splitter models this attachment is compatible with?

This attachment will fit the ES5T20, ED7T15, ES7T20, and ED8T20 log splitters by Boss Industrial.

The Final Word/Conclusion

With the functional design of the Boss Industrial CW-S Log Splitter 4-Way Cross Wedge, it can be a valuable addition to one’s log splitting tool arsenal. As many Boss log splitter reviews pointed out, it can easily enhance the performance of such machines.

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