Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker Review

The process of making kindling has been a tiring and grueling task for the longest time. Sure, industrial-grade machines designed for cutting wood have been around for a while but home users didn’t have anything similar for the longest time. It wasn’t until modern times when domestic-use machines became available.

And even if they’re very promising, even the smallest ones kindling crackers can feel like too much for some homeowners. If this is your case, a nice alternative could be the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker. Despite not being a powerful tool, this wood splitting device could be a dependable addition to your backyard if you want to be more efficient when cutting and splitting wood.  

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What is the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker?

If you’ve never heard of the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker before, don’t fret. It’s not necessarily something too foreign if you’re familiar with hand tools that are meant to assist in cracking and splitting firewood.

As its name suggests, this item is a log splitter so you can easily create kindling and firewood for whatever purpose you may have for them. It resembles a planter stand to be quite honest since it has a hollow cylinder shape. But since it has a splitting wedge instead of a potholder at its center, it can be easily distinguished as a log cracker.

Made with heavy cast iron, this tool is meant to be heavy-duty. It’s built to handle a bit of force and impact so it can split logs into smaller pieces. 

One standout feature of this product is the fact that it can be collapsed and partly dismantled quite easily. This will allow you to flatten the entire tool so it can be put inside a bag or carrier of sorts. As a result, it’s easier to move around, making it a portable option for some.

Compared to the Kindling Cracker of Australia this tool is a bit more affordable and offers more features. Essentially, both items offer the same functionality, too, so this could be a more budget-friendly pick.

How It Works

This tool employs a very straightforward design. It’s equipped with a safety ring to help keep the log in place and a splitting wedge in the middle with ridges on one side to effectively push the wood open and split it into two.

To provide stability, its base can be screwed down into a flat surface. There are two drill holes available so you can easily use a screw that will fit inside and attach it into a sturdy surface. Once done, you can already start splitting wood in it.


  • Can be dismantled so it’s portable and easy to take with you to different places
  • Can be secured to a base by screwing it down
  • Has no sharp edges so it’s relatively safe to have around
  • Made of high-quality cast iron so its durability is guaranteed
  • Easy to work with
  • Provides great control when splitting logs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some think that the blade is quite dull
  • Not meant for big pieces of wood


What is the largest diameter of log the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker can handle?

This tool can accommodate logs that are up to 5 inches in diameter.

Is this the same with the Kindling Jack the 4 way firewood kindling tool wood log splitter blade wedge?

Essentially, the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker is similar to the said item but that is made to cut logs in four portions while this Barton product is only meant to cut in two parts.

The Final Word/Conclusion

Portable, functional, and sturdy, the Barton Firewood Log Splitter Kindling Wood Log Cracker could be something worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable tool that will help simplify your firewood-making tasks. With its friendly price, it can be the budget-friendly option you’ve been looking for.

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