The Estwing Sure Split Wedge – 5-Pound Wood Splitting Tool Review

Not because you don’t split logs often does it mean that you won’t need to do such a task. Having a tool on hand that can help simplify the chore is essential since it’s also likely that you’re not used to exerting the same kind of effort required by splitting and chopping wood.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wood splitter, the Estwing Sure Split Wedge – 5 Pound Wood Splitting Tool can be an appealing choice for you. This budget-friendly tool will get you splitting logs in no time without spending an arm and a leg on a tool. It’s also very compact, easy to use, and suitable for most kinds of logs so it can suit your needs, no matter how infrequent it may be.

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What is the Estwing Sure Split Wedge – 5-Pound Wood Splitting Tool?

Before you start looking up the Estwing Sure Split Wedge, you might want to know first what it is exactly. It’s a really very straightforward item: it’s an elongated wedge shaped implement that is made of forged steel. Classified as a striking tool, it weighs 1 pound so it has enough heft but can also be easily transported should there be a need to.

While the kind of steel used in making this product is not detailed, it should be noted that it’s still made of very reliable material. When used heavily, indentations can be expected on the blunt end. This shouldn’t be surprising since these tools will receive quite a lot of impact over time.

A notable thing about the Sure Split Wedge is that it has an additional feature of extra wings. These add to the width of the wedge which helps in effectively splitting logs and wood.

Made in the USA by Estwing, a striking tool manufacturer that has been around since 1923, it promises both quality and legacy. Their hammers are actually considered to be the best of the best as they’re well designed and solidly built.

How It Works

The Estwing Sure Split Wedge has very simple mechanics. You just need to place the wedge with its pointed edge down on top of the log or wood you wish to split. Hold it in place and hammer on the blunt end a few times for the wedge to get embedded on the wood.

Once it’s nicely in place, hammer it down with more force to push it further down the wood. This will then split the wood nicely.

It would be ideal to secure the wood before trying to split it. This will allow you to drive the wedge into the log with more ease and precision. It will also help prevent accidents.

Note that this wedge doesn’t come as sharp as a knife, so don’t expect it to be ready to cut into stuff. It can be sharpened, however, so those who want it to cut into the wood they’re going to split can achieve the effect that they want.


  • Made in the US
  • Very affordable
  • Can be sharpened
  • Solid make
  • Comes with additional wings or fins to create a wider wedge and split open wood better
  • Durable


  • Some reports of bouncing which is inevitable, especially when used on poorly seasoned wood and wood varieties that are very hard to split
  • Not all users are fans of the wings


Does it come with a sharp edge?

No, the edge of this wedge is not sharpened. It won’t cut into things and it’s not really meant to do so. It’s also not necessary for the edge to be sharp as it won’t matter and can weaken it instead.

Can this crack rocks?

It’s not recommended to be used to crack rocks. Chisels would be more useful for such tasks.

Final Conclusion

With its dependable quality and solid build, this simple tool can add great functionality to your shed or tool box. And since the Estwing Sure Split Wedge – 5-Pound Wood Splitting Tool is also very affordable, it can definitely be a worthy purchase for a task that you don’t often have to execute.

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