Kindling Cracker review

You can make kindling using an axe, which is not the safest or effective way to do it, but you already know that. Of course, you can easily make kindling with a powered log splitter, but electric or gas log splitters tend to shoot the chips all around. Also, making kindling with your 10-ton electric or gas log splitter is not the most cost-effective or efficient way to do it either. The point being, you are looking for a kindling splitter neither the axe, nor a powered log splitter is a safer or more effective tool for the task. We think the most efficient and safest way to make kindling is by using Kindling Cracker.

Design and features

Kindling Cracker review

Kindling Cracker is designed in New Zealand and made in Australia. It is built with cast iron. The wedge is encompassed by rings on top and bottom, and 12-inch frames on each side. The diameter of the top ring is 6.5 inches. This means that the maximum log diameter supported by Kindling Cracker is 6.5 inches. The ideal length of the log shouldn’t be any more than 15 inches. Of course, you would be using shorter logs as you are making kindling. Compact design (6.5 inches by 12 inches) and the weight (10 pounds) make it highly portable. You can easily take it to your camping spot if you need.

There are two holes on the base of this tool to mount it on a wooden base, in case you want it to stand absolutely still while splitting. The wholes take 10mm bolts. It is weather-proof but if you want it to last longer, you should put it in a shade after you are done working with it. In our experience, we found the Kindling Cracker to be durable and should last for generations as advertised. However, you might still need to paint it to make it look new.

Design of this kindling splitter makes it a safe tool for making kindling. It will keep your hands away from anywhere near the wedge. Kindling cracker recommends using a 3-pound lump hammer or similar tool to use with it. The kindling making process with the help of this device is simple. You need to place a log on the wedge and hit it with the lump hammer a couple of times to make the kindling.

Kindling Cracker Kindling Splitter


kindling splitter

You can make a decent amount of nice little kindling with this tool. In about 2 minutes, we could easily make 24 kindling (from Oak logs) that were 1-inch wide and 12-inch long. It was safer much easier than swinging an axe to make those kindling. It didn’t make much noise either. You can comfortably use it in your backyard.

Mounting it on a solid wood base with bolts will stop it from any movement or vibration. However, it doesn’t vibrate that much without the permanent mounting.

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We were very satisfied with this intuitively designed kindling splitter. Kindling Cracker is not only safer than using an axe or a log splitter to make kindling, but it is easier and more effective. We highly recommend it for firewood kindling splitting. To learn more about this splitter you might want to visit the manufacturer website.

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