Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter review

Small manual wood splitters do seem like great options on paper when you only need wood for kindling but what if you often get large pieces of wood? They might not easily fit the smallest and most portable options available today and might still require you to bust out your hatchet or axe to hack away at the big logs.

Something more efficient would be the Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter. This large-sized variety of traditional wood splitters can be a solid choice for those who want a hand tool that can deal with larger pieces of logs. Let’s check out our (allaboutlogsplitter) full expert review

What is the Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter?


The Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter is another option for those who want a wood splitter tool that is safe and effective to use without requiring a lot of energy or expert skill when cutting pieces of logs. It sports a hollow cylindrical shape with two rings at its top and bottom ends and a frame for a splitting wedge.

Design-wise, it’s not too different from a lot of its competitors. However, its splitting wedge has cleaner lines. Instead of having ridges to create a more pronounced wedge shape and effectively force the wood to split open, it’s equipped with a sharp angle creating a mound-like shape. This detail serves the same purpose but it gives a different appearance to the product.

This detail, combined with the two holes on the splitting wedge, can give this item an appearance that it has a knife blade attached to it. The pronounced sharpened edge and the shadows created by the mound-like detail can play tricks on the eyes that they might expect an actual knife blade with this item. There’s no such thing, like other wood splitters that have this design, this implement sports a single-piece cast-iron splitting wedge.

Aside from these, there are a few other notable features that one might find appealing about the Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter. For starters, it’s designed to be taken apart so it can be stored and transported flat. You can just reassemble it once you reach your destination.

Another feature to note with this product is its use of Environmental Baking Varnish. This makes it virtually maintenance-free as it keeps rusting at bay.

How It Works

Like other wood splitters with this design, the piece of log is supposed to go inside the safety ring, positioned vertically against the splitting wedge. With the help of a blunt instrument like a mallet, hammer, or even another piece of wood, strike the log to push it downwards. This will then split it open against the splitting wedge.

With its larger dimensions, this implement can handle larger pieces of log. This can make it a more efficient tool for some households.


  • Larger and taller size can handle bigger pieces of wood
  • Promises great efficiency
  • Detachable design will let you pack it flat and take it anywhere
  • Made of heavy-duty cast iron steel
  • Practically maintenance-free


  • Doesn’t have holes in its base for securing to a surface or permanent mounting
  • Some aren’t big fans of its blade wedge design


Will this tool rust?

Since the Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter is made of cast iron, there’s a chance that it will rust if it’s exposed to wet conditions and was not dried off properly. However, with its coating, this shouldn’t be a major problem.

How big is its safety ring diameter?

Its safety ring measures 10.5 inches in diameter so it can also handle logs that are around that size.

The Final Word/Conclusion

Offering a portable large-sized manual wood splitter option is the Highland Farms Select Kindling Wood Splitter. Its 10.5-inch safety ring diameter combined with a design that’s easy to dismantle makes it a solid choice for those who want a tool that will simplify wood splitting tasks wherever they go.

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