Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 Review


Boss Industrial ES7T20 is a 7-Ton electric log splitter. It comes with 2HP electric motor that draws up to 1500 wattage of electricity and can generate up to 3500 PSI (pounds per square inch hydraulic pressure) or log cracking pressure to split logs. It features a full cycle time of 14 seconds (9 seconds for feed and 5 seconds for retreat).

Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 Review


You can use ES7T20 right out of the box. You just need to screw the operating handle. That’s the only assembly required of this log splitter. We found that to be very convenient.

Design and features

Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 Size

Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 is compact (39.5×13.5×20 inches) and weighs 117 pounds. The log splitter is low profile (20 inches in height). You will have to work in a sitting position with this log splitter. Working with a log splitter in a sitting position may not feel natural to some, but it does save you from a lot of heavy lifting. It only works in a vertical position. It comes with a 5-inch wedge.

There’s not much gap beneath the motor of the Boss Log Splitter ES7T20. So, you will only be able to place it on flat surface. Also, it is recommended to use this log splitter on level ground. So, wherever on your property you take it, make sure there’s a flat and level surface to place it on and a power outlet or strip within 5-feet distance. ES7T20 can be run using household electricity (115-volt/15amp). The provided power cable is 5 feet in length.



Before using the log splitter, wear gloves and safety goggles. Loose the hydraulic vent plug and operate the machine a couple of turns to repel any trapped air. Once you’ve done it, you can start splitting logs. To start splitting logs, just connect the 3-prong plug into a 3-prong power outlet. It’s time to turn it on by pressing down the power switch located on the motor. To start splitting logs, push the operating handle down. Once the push plate or ram reaches the wedge, release the handle. It is very easy to use. One-handed operation makes it more comfortable and effective to use, but in the same time could be a safety risk to new users. Make sure you keep your other hand away from the ram and the wedge. Pay extra attention so children stay away from it.


boss es7t20

Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 was tested with different types of woods. In our case, we took seasoned, semi-seasoned, and fresh rounds of Maple, Ash, Oak, Pine and Elm. We tried different sizes of the rounds as well, from 6 inches to 12 inches in diameter. The splitter didn’t have any problem splitting the rounds of Maple, Oak, Ash and Pine regardless of their diameter or condition. However, in case of the dreaded elm, ES7T20 took 1 to 3 more seconds to split the rounds that were above 10 inches in diameter. It did have some problems with knotty rounds. It got jammed and couldn’t split it. If this happens to you, don’t push your machine. You should release the operating handle immediately.

This machine is rated for using logs up to 10-inch in diameter and 20.5-inch in length. But like it is with most other log splitters of its class, ES7T20 can handle logs that are slightly bigger in size. We used the bigger sizes for experimental use only. We don’t recommend this of course.

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Time is important. ES7T20 takes about 14 seconds to complete a turn (9sec + 5sec). To split one cord of wood, it took us about 40 minutes. It took slightly over 25 minutes of it to do its job. The rest of it was spent on placing the rounds and separating the split parts manually in case they were not fully split.

You can increase efficiency and save time by buying a 4-way wedge, which will further save on utility. For residential purposes, if you need four or five cords of firewood a year, you probably wouldn’t need a 4-way wedge.

Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 stood still and didn’t vibrate much or made that much noise (for our ears, of course). However, if it is your first time buying a log splitter, you may find the noise strong enough for an electric log splitter.


boss es7t20

Boss Log Splitter ES7T20 will save you from back pain, and lot of efforts but you will still have to place the rounds on the machine and pick them up. Also, like most other log splitters, ES7T20 split the log well but in often not all the way. You will need to pull them apart by applying manual force.

ES7T20 may not seem fit for commercial purposes, but it certainly does exceed the power and performance expected for residential use. And it should do okay for commercial purposes too especially if you have a four way wedge.

The ES7T20 is worth giving a try. It can be run by household electricity and will consume only 1500 watt of electricity. It is fast enough for residential log splitting needs. and it can split one cord of wood in about 25 minutes. As long as utility bill is concerned, you will be safe with Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20.

Boss Industrial ES7T20


Faster cycle time. Effectively splits log up to 10-inches. Durable. Uses 1500 Watt household electricity. Compact design, fits in trunk of most cars. Doesn’t make too much noise and doesn’t emit smoke. Usable in the backyard. No assembly required. Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty.


There’s not much gap beneath the motor, which makes it suitable only for flat surfaces. Being an electrical log splitter, you may not be able to use it in remote places. Can’t handle knotty rounds that have diameter larger than 8-inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does it come with manufacturer warranty?
Ans: Yes, it comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty for residential usage.

Q. Is Boss Industrial Log Splitter ES7T20 able to split logs that have diameter larger than 10-inch?
Ans: Yes, occasionally, it does. We tested it with logs that are up to 12-inch in diameter. It could split the ones that were seasoned and had no knots.

Q. How well does it handle logs with knots?
Ans: Not very well if the diameter is more than 8-inches.

Q. Does it make too much noise?
Ans: It’s been tolerable to our ears.

Q. Does the manufacturer has a website?
Ans: Yes, and the website is helpful. You will find it here.

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