Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 Review

Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 sports a 3.5hp electric motor. It consumes 2200 wattage of electricity to generate a maximum of 7 Tons log cracking pressure to split woods.


XM-380 doesn’t come fully assembled. However, putting it all together is not that difficult and can be done by a single person in 20 minutes or less. The assembly instructions in the user manual are easy to follow.

You only need to attach the supporting feet to the body using two screws, attach the safety rings and the wheels to the shaft of the wheel frame and place the wheel shaft cover. Finally, you need to screw in the two operating handles. The assembly shouldn’t be hard for anyone. Nevertheless, to some, it could be irritating.

Design and features

Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 Review

Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 comes with a 5-inch wedge. It is compact in size (39x12x20 inches) and it doesn’t weigh that much either (about 104 lbs). It should feet in the trunk of any car even when fully assembled. There is no separate towing handle to move XM-380. The supporting feet works as a towing handle which didn’t seem to be a perfect solution. However, the wheels and the shaft didn’t feel sturdy enough for moving it around given the weight of the machine. But they should be okay for the first couple of years. Otherwise, the XM-380 seems sturdy enough to last a considerable period.

The least convenient but at the same time the safest feature of the XM-380 is that it requires both hands to operate it. For first timers, this feature is essential. Also, if you are going to have your teenage child operate it sometimes, this feature is a must. It requires you to use both hands so that none of your hands gets in between the moving ram and the splitter. However, having to use both hands for more than 5 minutes at a time causes uneasiness. It may feel irritating to an expert user. So, before buying an electric log splitter that requires two-handed operation, you should keep that in mind.

One problem with the XM-380 is the structure of its log guiding plates. The guiding plates don’t always help placing logs of different sizes comfortably. Powerhouse could have made them adjustable to different sizes of logs.

XM-380 electric log splitter has a cycle time of 14 seconds (9 seconds for feed and 5 seconds for retreat). Its oil capacity is 3.1 to 3.8L. It recommends using grade 32 (if temperature is below -32 degree centigrade) or grade 22 Hydraulic fluid (if the temperature is higher than that). According to the manufacturer, any Hydraulic fluid of the given grade from Lowes or HomeDeopt will do well.

Running the Powerhouse Log splitter XM-380

Powerhouse Log Splitter running

Before turning on the powerhouse log splitter, you need to loosen the air bleed screw a couple of turns (three to be exact) it will let out any trapped air inside the hydraulic chamber. Now turn the machine on and let it complete a couple of cycles before splitting a log. Once you have done that, you can start splitting.

We tried different sizes and types of logs. For instance, we tried seasoned, semi-seasoned, and fresh rounds of Pine, Oak, Ash, and Elm. The rounds we had were 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Most of the rounds had a length of 18 to 21 inches. Several of the rounds had knots. XM-380 did its job rather smoothly except for the knotty rounds.

Watch This Demo Video


Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 comes equipped with enough power to split hardwood and softwood alike. It will be able to split hardwood rounds that are equal to or slightly larger than 10-inches in diameter. This unit has enough power for residential usage and offers a fast cycle time. It is worth giving a try.

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Powerhouse XM-380


Powerhouse electric log splitter XM-380 sports 3.5 HP electric motor. It can generate up to 14000 pounds of log cracking pressure. For residential purposes, it is fast, effective, and reliable. Two-handed operation makes it safe to operate.


Powerhouse Log Splitter XM-380 requires both hands to operate it, which is inconvenient for expert users. Log guiding plates do not help placing logs of different sizes comfortably. Struggles with knotty rounds even though it has 3.5HP motor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does XM-380 come with hydraulic fluid?
2. Does it come fully assembled?
No, but it requires little assembly which could be done by a single person spending no more than 20 minutes.
3. What about warranty?
30-days replacement for defective unit and 1 year parts warranty.

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