WEN Electric Log Splitter 56207 Review


WEN Electric Log Splitter 56207 is also known as WEN Lumberjack log splitter. It’s a 6.5 Ton electric log splitter that can generate up to 13000 pounds of log cracking pressure. With a 2.5HP electric motor that draws up to 1800 wattage of electricity, it can split logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length. You can run it using household electricity.


Wen 56207 log splitter comes assembled with support leg and handle. You just need to screw the wheels. However, it also comes with a stand. If you want to use it with the stand, you need another person to help you assemble it. That’s a two-person job. You might be able to do it on your own if you take the risk of flipping the unit over and install the stand upside down. Before doing that you need to ensure that the bleed valve and all seals are tight. Whether you do it alone or get a helping hand, it is not difficult to do. You just need to follow the instructions in the user manual carefully.

Design and features
Wen 56207 log splitter

The fully assembled WEN Log Splitter 56207 looks robust and attractive with or without the stand. It is well designed, compact (38.5 x 28.25 x 39.25 LxWxH in inches with stand) and one of the lightest (97 pounds) log splitters of its class. It comes with 4-inch push plate and 5-inch wedge and 14.75-inch cylinder stroke. The cycle time is 20 seconds. But it has built-in ram-limiter that can be adjusted to reduce ram traveling distance for shorter logs, thereby reducing cycle time.

WEN electric Log Splitter 56207 comes with a 34-inch tall stand that you may or may not use based on your preference. We prefer using it with the stand even though it doesn’t save you from bending over due to its two-handed operation feature. Two-handed operation saves you from accidentally placing your hand between the ram and the wedge. It is for safety. It might not be a very preferable feature for expert users, but safety comes first.

The support wings or log cradles on WEN 56207 don’t feel strong enough. In fact, when placing a heavier log one of the support wings got dented.
The control lever and the carrying handle have a nice feeling about them. It comes with two never-flat 5-inch wheels. It is easy to move around.

WEN Electric Log Splitter 56207 Size

We do not rely simply on manufacturer specifications when it comes to testing the performance of a log splitter. When we test a log splitter here in allaboutlogsplitter Lab, we test them using different kinds and sizes of woods. In case of WEN log splitter 56207, we had Ash, Apple, Oak, and Birch rounds. The logs were seasoned, semi-seasoned, and freshly cut. We had logs of diameter ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches.

WEN 56207 performed very nicely with the logs. It could split clean logs up to 14 inches in diameter without a problem. It took a couple of seconds more to split 14-inch Oak, and Apple rounds, but it was able to split it. However, WEN 56207 can’t split large rounds with stubborn knots. But it managed to split a knotty Oak log 10 inches in diameter. Remember that the maximum log diameter supported by WEN 56207 is 10 inches. According to our tests, WEN 56207 is capable of splitting logs of larger diameter.

WEN 56207 takes longer completing a cycle (20 seconds), but you can reduce that by using the stroke limiter. Even after using stroke limiter for shorter longs, WEN 56207 felt a bit slower than its competitors. It may not feel that slow for residential use, but for commercial use, it is a bit too slow indeed.

On the positive side, it makes very little noise, which is highly appreciable. You can safely use it in your yard or in your garage without troubling the neighbors or your family members. On the downside, it doesn’t come with a log catcher even though it comes with a stand. Keep away from the wedge end when splitting, so the wood chips don’t fall on your leg. Also, more often than not, 56207 doesn’t split a log all the way. You need to manually pull those partially split wood chips apart.

Watch This Demo Video

WEN Electric Log Splitter 56207

WEN Lumberjack 56207 electric log splitter is a bit slow but it is good at splitting logs. It can split hardwood like Oak, and less stubborn knotty rounds. You can expect it to split rounds that are 12 or even 14 inches in diameter. It doesn’t make that much noise. You can run it using household electricity. Despite being slow, WEN electric log splitter 56207 is one of the best electric log splitters in its class. We highly recommend WEN Electric Log Splitter 56207 for residential use.You can also check our best log splitter to get your desire product at the best price,

WEN Log Splitter 56207


Good at splitting logs of larger diameter. Can handle less stubborn knotty rounds. Comes with a 34-inch stand. Doesn’t make that much noise. The stroke limiter does save time for shorter logs.


A bit slow even for residential usage. Takes 20 seconds to complete a cycle. No log catcher, so logs falls on the ground after the splitting. Support wings are a bit weak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What about the warranty?
Ans: Comes with 2-year warranty.

Q. What voltage does this run on?
Ans: Only on 110-120 volts

Q. Does it come with hydraulic fluid?
Ans: Yes.

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