Champion Gas Log Splitter 100251 Review

Champion 100251 is a full beam 25-ton gas log splitter that can be used both horizontally and vertically. It sports a 4-stroke Champion 224cc pull-start engine and a two-stage gear pump. It comes with log cradles, log catcher and 2-inch coupler ball. The maximum log length and weight it is rated to split are 24 inches and 100 pounds respectively. There is no mention of maximum log diameter anywhere on the manufacturer website or the user manual, but, we have discussed it in our review.


Champion gas log splitter 100251 does not come assembled. Even though assembling this unit is a two-person job, but it’s comparatively easy. The manufacturer video on assembly is available on Youtube, which we have shared below for your convenience. The video is user-friendly. You will be able to put it together rather easily given that you watch the video and read the assembly instructions on user-manual. The assembly instructions will be particularly helpful if you are familiar with the different parts. It may take 1.5 hours or less depending on your familiarity with the process.

Champion Gas Log Splitter Assembly

Design and features

Champion Gas Log Splitter 100251 review

Even though Champion 100251 is a 25-ton full beam gas log splitter, but it is compact and weighs less than most other log splitters in its class. It’s 89.3 inches in length, 42.9 inches in width and 44.7 inches in height. It weighs 429.9 pounds. The height of the unit is suitable for average height to taller operators. However, maximum weight supported by the unit in horizontal position is 100 pounds only. A 25-ton log splitter should support heavier rounds even if we don’t use such heavier logs.

Moreover, the manufacturer doesn’t provide any information about maximum log diameter supported by the unit on their website. However, a 100-pound log that is 24-inches long cannot be more than 12-inches in diameter on both ends for Oak or other woods. 100-pound weight limitation is not so desirable for a 25-ton gas log splitter. This could be due to the I-beam structure of the full beam unit. I-beam structure is less strong compared to U-beam structure found in the half-beam log splitters.

However, that doesn’t mean that this unit is not sturdy and durable. It’s no surprise that it comes with wheel shaft covers. This gas splitter is pretty heavy itself and undoubtedly there will be immense pressure on the wheels. But its sturdy build quality do suggest that it can handle the pressure. In fact, it looks and feels like it can handle much heavier logs than 100 pounds, which we will cover in the performance section. In any case, you can use the unit in vertical position if you need to split logs of larger diameter. Switching between positions is easy enough.

This log splitter features fast cycle time, which is 12 seconds. But it comes with a two-way wedge and the manufacturer doesn’t supply any 4-way wedge. However, the provided wedge is replaceable. It comes with log stripper that helps in removing logs from wedge on the return stroke. But it does not come with stroke limiter. If you are going to split small rounds often, then you might want to device some way to limit the stroke, for example, placing a smaller round right next to the ram. It will not only save fuel but will also reduce time cycle. The ram retreats automatically.

In terms of power, Champion 100251 can generate 3900 pounds of log cracking pressure per inch of the log. More generally, it can produce 50000 pounds of pressure on a log to split it. Theoretically, it has enough power to split Pecan, Ash, Oak, Birch, Beech, or Cherry rounds that are up to 24 inches in diameter. We will see how capable it is in the performance section.


Champion Gas Log Splitter 100251 sized

As always, we had Ash, Beach, Birch, Oak, Pecan and elm rounds of different sizes (12 inches to 24 inches in diameter) and nature (seasoned, semi-seasoned and fresh rounds) at our disposal to test Champion 100251 gas log splitter. First, we tested it horizontally. Since the maximum log weight supported by this unit is 100 pounds, we could only use logs that were up to 24 inches long and 14 inches in diameter. The splitter did well to split them. It split them faster (in 10 seconds) than its cycle time, which is 12 seconds. Champion Gas Log Splitter 100251 slowed down a bit when splitting knotty Oak rounds, but it managed to split in one go. It is worth mentioning that the 14-inch (diameter) logs we had weighed more than 100 pounds. At this point, we realized that the splitter needed not support heavier log for horizontal splitting.

Because it was already hard enough to lift logs that were even 100 pounds in weight. So, we switched it to the vertical position, which was easy enough to do. In the vertical position, we tested the unit with logs that were up to 24 inches in diameter. We were somewhat disappointed by Champion 100251’s performance at this stage. It struggled at any log above 20 inches in diameter and took about 2 or 3 more seconds to split. It couldn’t split logs that were 24-inches in diameter. On the positive side, it did a good job splitting logs that were up to 18 inches in diameter, knotty or clean didn’t matter there. It is safe to say that the maximum log diameter it can handle, at least in our experience, is 20 inches. Of course, we couldn’t find any specs about maximum log diameter in the manufacturer website, and what we have suggested here is based on our experience. Your experience with the log splitter can surely differ based on whether the wood is seasoned, semi-seasoned, or fresh in nature.

In our experience, the splitter did well with fresh and seasoned wood that were soft in nature. In case of hard wood, it struggled with semi-seasoned and fresh wood that were larger than 18-inch in diameter. But it was able to split some stubborn knotty Elm and Oak rounds that were fully seasoned and 16-inch in diameter.

However, be very careful with this splitter when splitting vertically. If the log is not fully placed on its base, it tends to move back. Make certain that you chuck the wheels on both ends when operating the log splitter in the vertical position. Also, make sure that you place the splitter on a level and hard surface.

One thing that bothered us is the noise that the engine produced. It was a bit too high for our ears. On the good side, the emission was very low, perhaps because it was brand new.

Towing was easy with the provided 2-inch ball coupler. The 16-inch wheels make it easy to tow along. It is UTV/ATV supported.

If you are still in confusion you can check our other article about best log splitter and get your product in budget,


Champion full beam gas log splitter 100251 did an excellent job of splitting for logs with diameter up to 18 inches. It managed to split some stubborn knotty rounds as well. But when a larger round was thrown at it, it slowed down and struggled. It failed to split some logs that were larger than 20 inches in diameter. Depending on the size and type of logs you will be splitting, this 25-ton Champion gas log splitter may or may not have the right amount of power for you.

If you will mostly be splitting logs that are up to 18 inches in diameter, we recommend the Champion 100251 gas log splitter. It can be fast and reliable for residential use too, especially for those who use wood-burning stoves. However, for most, this unit would be overkill for residential purposes. In our experience, a powerful electric log splitter or a more compact gas splitter is enough for residential purposes. That being said, if you are looking for a reliable log splitter for residential purposes and want it to be able to regularly split rounds that are up to 18 inches in diameter, you can go with the Champion 100251. We would also recommend this gas log splitter for commercial usage.

Champion Gas Splitter


It can split softwood and hardwood alike given that the log diameter is no more than 18 inches. It can even split smaller knotty rounds. Easy to switch between vertical and horizontal position.


Struggles to split Oak or other hardwood rounds of larger diameter (18-inch+). Tends to move back when in the vertical position. Noisier than other log splitters of its class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What about warranty?
Ans: 2-year parts and labor for residential usage, and 180 days of parts and labor for commercial or industrial usage. However, you need to register the unit within 10 days of purchase at the following link: Click here . Registration will avail you Champion’s free lifetime call center support.

Q.Does Champion Gas Log Splitter 100251 come with a 4-way wedge?
Ans: No. And the manufacturer doesn’t supply any.

Q.What hydraulic fluid to use with Champion Full Beam Gas Log Splitter 100251?
Ans: AW-32, requires 18.9 liters.

Q.What about engine?
Ans: It comes with Champion 224cc, OHV, 4-stroke engine.

Q. Towing speed limit?
Ans: 45mph.

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