Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 Review


The Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 is a full beam 7-ton gas log splitter brought to us by Champion Power Equipment, an US based company with a good reputation in North America and world market. The Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 sports 4-stroke Champion 80cc OHV engine. It can generate up to 14000 pounds of log cracking pressure. The maximum log length and diameter it is rated to split are 19 inches and 10 inches respectively.


Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 Review

Champion 90720 doesn’t come assembled. But assembly is not that hard and can be done by a single person. It shouldn’t take more than an hour for anyone to assemble it. The instructions in the manual are plain and simple. Yet, we recommend that you have a friend help you out with it. The manufacturer doesn’t provide any video on the assembly of this unit. But this particular video might come to your help with the assembly.

Design and features

Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 7ton

Champion 90720 sports the Champion 80cc recoil start engine model YF152F-2-000. The engine can generate enough drive to produce 14000 pounds of ram force to split logs. It comes with a two-stage gear pump. This log splitter can split logs weighing up to 100 pounds (up to 14 inches in diameter, based on the type and condition of the wood) and 20 inches in length. This log splitter has a 20-second cycle time. There are many log splitters in this price range that offer faster load cycle time. The load cycle time is important due to several reasons. Firstly, a faster cycle time doesn’t only save time and gets more work done in the same time span but it also saves on fuel.  That being said, the 20-second cycle time is a drawback for a product at this price range.

Smart low profile design of Champion 90720’s makes it stand out among other gas log splitters of its class. It’s only 53.1 inches in length, 23.6 inches in width and 18.1 inches in height.

Though Champion 90720 doesn’t come with the hydraulic fuel but it comes with an oil funnel. The hydraulic fuel tank capacity is 1 gallon. You may use AW-32 hydraulic fuel, universal hydraulic oil or automatic transmission fluid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a hydraulic fuel filter.  

It weighs only 143.3 pounds and comes with two 10-inch never flat wheels and a pulling handle. This smart low profile design makes this gas log splitter compact enough for easier storing and moving. However, it doesn’t come with a trailer hitch, which indicates that it does not support towing. In our opinion, this is a setback for a gas log splitter featuring such a compact design. After all, you will want to take your compact gas log splitter to remote locations for splitting. But with this unit, you need to lift it into the back of a pickup or whatever vehicle you have in order to carry it. Also, being a low profile gas log splitter, no log catcher comes with this unit. On the positive side, the never flat tires save you from the worries of punctures.

But it looks and feels durable and gives an impression that it will last a long time.


Champion Gas Log Splitter

We had rounds that were 10 to 18 inches in diameter. The logs were seasoned, semi-seasoned, and freshly cut. After splitting about half a cord of wood, we were really satisfied with Champion gas log splitter 90720’s performance. It did the splitting with power, more than adequate power.Of course, it was a bit slower than many other log splitters in its class, but it did a better job in splitting woods than most other 7-Ton log splitters we reviewed so far. It was due to the power it is capable of generating. We tried smaller knotty rounds, in which case, it did the job painlessly. But when we tried splitting knotty rounds that were larger than 12 inches in diameter, it struggled and in most cases couldn’t split those in the first stroke. But repositioning the logs, helped it do its job in the end. It even split a huge oak round that was 18 inches in diameter. Also, it is worthy to mention here that it doesn’t make too much noise and emits very little smoke (this might change when the machine ages).

Watch This Demo Video


Even though Champion 90720 takes more time to complete a cycle (ram feed and retreat), but its power and performance make up for that. Even though the maximum log diameter it is rated to split is only 10 inches, but it can split almost twice as large a round. If splitting ability is what you are going for and don’t mind the time it takes then Champion gas log splitter 90720 could be a very good choice for your residential log splitting needs.

Champion Gas Log Splitter Motor


Splits softwood and hardwood alike. It can split logs with larger diameter (tested with oak rounds that were 18 inches in diameter). And it does the splitting with power that is adequate. Easy to move around. Powerful, durable, and portable.


This unit doesn’t come with trailer hitch. You can’t tow it without making modifications yourself. Cycle time is high (20 seconds), in other words, it is a bit slow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Champion Gas Log Splitter 90720 made?
Ans: China. But it comes in high quality.

Q. What about warranty?
Ans: 2 years parts and labor for home use, and 180 days parts and labor for commercial and industrial use. However, you can have lifetime technical support.

Q. What hydraulic oil should be used?
Ans: In warmer climates (above 32° F): SAE 10W or ISO 32 or Universal Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid. In colder climates (sometimes below 32 °F): Automatic Transmission Fluid.

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