Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565 Review


According to what we have found, many people are pessimistic about the new half-beam splitters. So, before going into the review of Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565, let’s first understand what a Half Beam Log Splitter is anyway. Half beam log splitter features a smaller size of the beam compared to a traditional or full beam log splitter and that’s why they got this name. But Half-beam log splitters are pushed by most log splitter manufacturers and advertised as the next generation of full beam log splitters.

Actually, half beam log splitters are compact and easier to switch from horizontal to vertical position and vice versa. They take less storage space but in the same time provide more user-friendliness. Perhaps an analogy of mobile phone technology would be of help here. Not much long ago, our phones would come with removable batteries. Now they come with non-removable ones. Initially, most of us were pessimistic about non-removable batteries, but we can see that it has been a good improvement. Half beam log splitters are the new generation of log splitters and they are going to stay. Today we are going to review the Yardmax 25-ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter model YS2565.


Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

Yardmax YS2565 doesn’t come fully assembled. However, a single person can assemble it given that s/he has some knowledge of assembling similar gas log splitter. There are lots of parts, screws, brackets etc to attach and remove. If you haven’t done this before, it might be a good idea to take help from someone experienced. The assembly could take 20 minutes to an hour depending on your expertise and knowledge. We found it to be somewhat easier than some of the other gas log splitters of its kind. The manual and the manufacturer assembly video might come handy in this situation.

Design and features

Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565 review

Yardmax YS2565 sports 6.5HP Briggs and Stratton 208cc Engine. Fuel capacity is 0.8 gallon and engine oil capacity is 0.16 gallon. Hydraulic capacity is 4 gallon. It comes with the hydraulic oil, but you need to add engine oil. Also, it comes with a 2-way and a slip-on 4-way wedge 7.5 inches in height. YS2565 offers fast cycle time, which is 9.7 seconds. It comes with two rear wheels that feature road tires and supports towing speed up to 45 mph.
When it comes to maximum log length and diameter,  
Yardmax YS2565 can split logs that are up to 26 inches and 25.5 inches in log length and diameter respectively. The rating stands highest in its class and price range. This surely makes YS2565 stand out in the competition.

Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565 includes some interesting design features one of which is the spinner plate that rotates the log for splitting so to reduce stress on the beam. It comes with dual log cradles that have the option for mountable log table (sold separately). The beam itself has a U-beam structure that is claimed to be significantly stronger than traditional I-beam structure.

Once fully assembled, the Yardmax looks and feels expensive. It does look like a next-generation log splitter. It is sturdy and weighs 475 pounds. YS2565 has several intuitive features that can further reduce manual labor. For instance, its Log Stripper feature, which can be used to remove any partially split wood from the wedge. Partially split log is a common scenario with log splitters especially when you are splitting freshly cut wood or wood with a larger diameter.

We mentioned the spinner plate earlier. The spinner plate has grip teeth. The spinner plate allows you to rotate log easily when preparing it for splitting. Also, it rotates the log when splitting rather than putting unwanted stress on the beam. There’s a beam lock bracket to secure the splitter when using it in the horizontal position. The handles on the hydraulic cylinder make it comparatively easy to flip the splitter from horizontal to vertical position. There’s even a tube for holding the user manual in case you need it for a quick troubleshooting or maintenance.

Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565 Sized

It also comes with fuel shut-off valve, which allows you to shut off fuel when servicing, transporting or storing. The chock control allows you to choke the carburetor to start up the engine. It has throttle control too; it allows you to select from three different speeds of the engine: Fast, Slow, and Stop.

One problem with the 4-way wedge is that it is only effective when splitting logs of smaller diameter (less than 20 inches), which is not the best scenario given the power of this unit.

The cradles could be fixed for two positions, angle or flat. And you can optionally use logtable replacing the cradles.

Also, the control handle is conveniently located on the top which makes it easier to operate the gas log splitter in both vertical and horizontal position.
The metal fenders for the wheels gives safety when splitting or transportation.

It can be said that the half-beam is more ergonomic and more intuitively designed than the full beam one. However, since the half beam is more compact than the full beam, it may not be as smooth for trailing as its full beam counterpart. However, as it is less wide, you needn’t worry about tripping over the wheels when placing logs on it.


Yardmax YS2565 split every piece of log we threw at it. It even split two 24-inch knotty rounds rather easily. We had rounds of Oak, Elm, and Pecan. We tested the unit in both vertical and horizontal position. Switching to is not difficult but it’s not so easy either because of the tongue weight. If you are 6 feet or taller, it wouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you are average height, it might be slightly difficult for you.

Watch This Demo Video


Overall, the Yardmax 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter is efficient, durable, ergonomic, intuitive, and fastest in its class. It can split any round easily as long as you stick to the length and diameter specification. Towing is a bit harder but you can tow it at 45 mph. Here at allaboutlogsplitters.com, we didn’t find any mentionable performance or design issue with Yardmax YS2565. We highly recommend Yardmax YS2565 for commercial log splitting needs. However, you may even consider it for residential use. The advantages are discussed on our best log splitters for residential use page.

Yardmax YS2565


Intuitive features such as log spinner and log stripper. Ergonomic design. Fastest cycle time in its class. Attractive and effective. Maximum log length and diameter supported by YS2565 is 26 inches and 25.5 inches respectively. 7.5-inch wedge. 4-way wedge included. Can be used both vertically and horizontally. Waist high for most people.


4-way wedge is only effective for smaller rounds. Switching from horizontal to vertical position is a bit difficult for shorter people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What about the warranty?
Ans: 3-year warranty on craftsmanship, 2 years on the machine and 1 year on the hydraulic system for residential use. For commercial use, the warranty is valid for 90 days.

Q. Where is Yardmax Half Beam Gas Log Splitter YS2565 made?
Ans: It is made in China in factories owned by Yardmax.

Q. Does it come with hydraulic fluid?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Does it come with Engine oil too?
Ans: No.

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