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RuggedMade RS-322-E-LK is a 22-ton push through gas log splitter. The push through means that the log cradle is on the wedge end. The ram pushes the log into the wedge and split parts fall conveniently on the log cradle. RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK comes in 212cc Raven electric start or Honda or Lifan pull start Engine. The unit can generate up to 44000 pounds of log cracking pressure. It comes with an automated log lift module that can lift logs weighing up to 300 pounds.


RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK Review

RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK doesn’t come assembled. There are many parts to put together. Assembly is a two-person job and might take one or more hours to fully assemble it even if you are experienced. If you are not experienced, it is recommended that you hire someone with experience and should account for the associated additional cost. However, the manufacturer video on the assembly is very helpful and worth checking out.

Design and features

RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK motor

As mentioned earlier, the RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK is available in three different engines: Raven electric start, or Lifan or Honda pull start engine. This review is on one with Honda 212cc pull start engine because we recommend it, and we’ll shortly discuss why.

RS-322-E-LK features a two-stage gear pump (Hi-Low) that allows for 12-second full cycle time (7 seconds for feed and 5 seconds for retreat). It comes with 24-inch stroke, 2.25-inch rod. Maximum log length and diameter RS-322-E-LK rated for is 24 inches and 18 inches respectively. These are standard rating and should do well for most log splitting businesses.

RS-322-E-LK has two control handles: one is meant for controlling the log lifter and the other is for pushing the ram. The log lifter can automatically lift logs that weigh up to 300 pounds. The log lifter will save you from heavy lifting and associated back problems. However, it comes with a cost. The log lifter is located on the side of the machine where a right-handed operator might find it more suitable to stand and operate it. RuggedMade could have added some option for attaching the log lifter on the other side of the unit, in which case it would have been more ergonomic and friendly for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK Used

On the positive side, the log lifter is well made and it doesn’t make the splitter go off balance when lifting a 300-pound log thanks to the tripod style legs. However, since this unit is rated for maximum log length and diameter of 24 inches and 18 inches respectively, you will rarely need the log lifter to lift any log of such weight. Because a 24-inch long and 18-inch wide log generally weighs below 200 pounds. Besides, you will still need to roll those big rounds to the lifter and push them on to it. So, if you think you can handle the heavy lifting manually you may order the unit without the log lifter. Without the log lifter module, the unit takes less space and becomes more ergonomic to both left-handed and right-handed operators. Also, it will cost you less.

On the positive side, the fully assembled Rugged made log splitter RS-322-E-LK is a beauty. It has a nice finish and looks and feels durable and worth the money. It is built waist-height for average height people to reduce back pain. The valves are located up high and they can be easily reached standing on either side of the machine.

RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK blade

 It is more than 8 feet in length and 4 feet in width, which makes it a little awkward for storing purposes. Also, it is a horizontal log splitter and you can’t use it in the vertical position. It made us wonder if the addition of log lifter compensate for the advantage we get from those half-beam log splitters that we can use vertically to split heavier and larger logs (and deal with the smaller ones in horizontal position). We will discuss that in more detail in the performance section.

This RuggedMade unit comes with fenders and smaller wheels (10-inch never flat), and 2-inch ball for the tow hitch. Maximum towing speed allowed is 45mph.

If you are buying the Raven Engine version, you’ll end up with a loose battery tray. It vibrates a lot when moving or even operating the machine. If you prefer electric start be prepared to do something about the battery tray on your own. However, we like pull start because there is no worrying about dead batteries or start problems. That’s why we recommend the Honda Engine version.

It can hold 6 to 8 gallons of hydraulic fluid. Recommended hydraulic fluids are AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46). The 4-stroke Honda engine doesn’t emit that much smoke but it does make noise, yet not so much as the Raven Engine, which is also another reason why we recommend Honda Engine.


RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK cutting

We had logs up to Ash, Pine, Oak and Pecan rounds that were up to 22 inches in diameter for testing RS-322-E-LK. We had a few knotty rounds as well. The unit splits clean logs without any problem. However, the slip-on 4-way wedge couldn’t handle the knotty rounds, so we took the 4-way wedge off and tried to split the knotty rounds with the two-way wedge. The two-way wedge smoothly split the knotty rounds.

Power wise, the machine is as advertised. It works fine. The log lifter worked great. Even though we split logs that were 22-inches in diameter, which it splits without a problem, but the recommended size is 18 inches.
RS-322-E-LK is fast. In most cases, it doesn’t take any more than 10 seconds to complete a cycle. One issue we noticed is that the breather valve sometimes sucks out hydraulic fluid when moving the machine. You may want to use a cap to seal it when moving.

Watch This Demo Video


As discussed in the design and features section, the location of the log lifter makes it more suitable for left-handed operators. However, we did not find it that much of a setback as we got used to it in no time. But it’s a big unit, takes a lot of space. When weighing the advantage of the log lifter compared to the half-beam machines that could be used both horizontally and vertically to avoid heavy lifting, we must admit that it doesn’t add that much value or practicality. Yet, you can depend on this unit and expect it to split woods effectively for years to come. It’s always better to compare before buy, You can check our best log splitter to get a clear comparison and get your desire product.

RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter


Durable, fast and effectively splits larger logs. Powerful engine can handle seasoned, semi-seasoned hardwood like Oak, Pecan without a problem. Push through design makes life easy as the log cradle catches the split logs. Automatic log lift module lifts heavy logs without a hitch.


Not compact. Not so ergonomic; more suitable for left-handed users. Assembly is a fit and requires more than an hour for two persons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What about the warranty?
Ans: Comes with 1-year parts warranty.

Q. Can RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter RS-322-E-LK split logs that are more than 18 inches in diameter?
Ans: Yes, we have tested it with logs with diameter up to 22-inches.

Q. What is the shipping weight?
Ans: 775 pounds

Q. Does the ram return automatically?
Ans: Yes.

Q. What is the cycle time?
Ans: 12 seconds.

Q. What is the hydraulic oil capacity?
Ans: 8 gallons.

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