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Yardmax log splitter YS0552 sports a 15amp (approx. 1600 watt) electric motor that can generate up to 10000 pounds (5-ton) of log cracking pressure. It offers a decent cycle time of 16 seconds. You can run it using household electricity. Maximum log length and diameter it can handle are 20.5 inches and 10 inches respectively.

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter review


Yardmax log splitter YS0552 comes with a stand. It requires minimal assembly for attaching the splitter stand to YS0552. But the core unit comes fully assembled. We found it very easy to attach the splitter stand to the core unit. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. But if you prefer using the benchtop unit (without the stand), then it will not require any assembly.

Design and features

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter with stand

Yardmax is popular for its craftsmanship. In look and feel, this little unit is inspiring. Yardmax log splitters always stand out from its competitors in terms of design and features. We will talk about performance in the next section of this review of course.

Yardmax YS0552 offers several features that most of its competitors don’t. For instance, it comes with log tray to catch logs, stroke limiter to reduce cycle time for shorter logs. The stand ensures a stable surface to work comfortably with this unit.

It is compact with (40.5 x17.7×39 inches LxWxH) or without stand (40.5 x13.8×19.3 inches LxWxH). Yardmax provided the stand to reduce back problem due to bending over. But even for average height person the stand is too low to be fully comfortable with it. Still, in our experience, it’s better than working without the stand.

YS0552 requires a both-handed operation. You need to hold down the control lever and the motor switch to push the ram. Releasing any would stop the ram from moving. It requires an average height person to bend over a little, which is not the ideal case. But both handed operation is safer; of course, expert users might argue on that. We found that it is easier to remove and reload hydraulic fluid with that stand on. So, even though the stand is not waist height for most average height Americans, but it is still preferable.

The provided power cord is about 5 feet long. Yardmax recommends using extension cords no longer than 30 feet in length, and it should be 12 gauge minimum and with a 3-prong grounded plug.

Yardmax YS0552 comes with larger (7-inch) wheels than all its competitors. But the tires are made of hard plastic; they should have been made of rubber. Also, Yardmax YS0552 is one of the lightest log splitters in its class. It weighs only 100 pounds. Being lighter than its competitors doesn’t mean it is not durable. It feels more durable than most other log splitters in its class

YS0552 takes 16 seconds to complete a cycle, which is decent but commonly offered by most other log splitters of its class. However, you can shorten the cycle time for shorter logs using the built-in stroke or ram limiter.

However, when using with the stand, it does vibrate a little, especially when it is not placed on completely level ground. On the positive side, the motor doesn’t make much noise.


YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter sized

We always keep different types and sizes of logs at our disposal when testing a log splitter. We had some seasoned, semi-seasoned, and freshly cut rounds of Ash, Pine, Cedar, Oak, and Birch. The rounds had diameters ranging from 10 inches to 14 inches.

Yardmax Log Splitter YS0552 didn’t have any problem splitting any of the rounds; of course, they were all clean rounds. However, in the case of Oak, it took one or two more seconds to split it. We could see it struggled a bit to split the logs that were 14 inches in diameter. But you can’t blame it for that as the maximum log diameter it is rated for is 10 inches. But it can split 12-inch (diameter) log without a problem. When we tried to split a 10-inch (diameter) knotty Oak round, it jammed. We released the control lever and rotated the log and that helped it split the log.

Overall, we are a little bit surprised at the performance and power of YS0552. It did exceed our expectations. It is fast enough. The stroke limiter saves a good deal of time when splitting logs of shorter length.


Yardmax YS0552 offers some practical and useful features such as the stand, log cradle and stroke limiter, which most of its competitors don’t offer. It has enough power to split logs of larger diameter than what it is rated. It can even split some less stubborn knotty rounds that are smaller in diameter. We find it reliable, durable, fast, and effective. In fact, we think it is one of the best log splitters in its class. We highly recommend Yardmax electric log splitter YS0552 for residential usage.

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter


Intuitive and practical features such as log tray, stroke limiter, and stand. Faster cycle time of 16 seconds, but takes less time when splitting logs of shorter length. Yardmax Log Splitter YS0552 can handle larger logs and in some cases knotty ones. Attractive and durable.


The stand could have been a bit taller. Suitable mostly for clean logs. Difficult to move around in the yard as the tires are made of hard plastic. With the stand on, the bothhanded operation requires bending over for an average height person, which is uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What about the warranty?
Ans: 2-year residential and 90-day commercial. For more detail visit the manufacturer site.

Q. What type of hydraulic fluid should be used?
Ans: 10W AW32, ASLE H-150, ISO 32

Q. Can I run it using household electricity?
Ans: Yes.

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